Genesis 25:1-18 – No One’s Ever Really Gone

Abraham and Ishmael die and are gathered to their people in the afterlife while the work of God continues in the family of faith. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 24:29-67 – I Just Walked 500 Miles, Now Let Me Walk 500 More

Abraham’s servant avoids distraction and delay in order to finish his quest to find a wife for Isaac. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 24:1-28 – The Runaway Bride

Abraham sends his servant to find a wife for Isaac in a faraway country, acting as a type of our service to the Lord and His providence in our lives. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 22:20-23:20 – Promises Made, Pilgrimage Kept

Sarah dies, but Abraham has nowhere to bury her. How would the father of faith respond in light of the many promises of God? (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 22:1-19 – Kill Your Darling

God asks Abraham to offer Isaac on Mount Moriah, a dress rehearsal for how Jesus would be offered in the same place to save us all. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 21:22-34 – Fair Water Friends

Abimelech notices that God is present in Abraham’s life and wants to make a covenant with him, but first they have to resolve water rights. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 20:1-18 – Tell Me Your Wife Story

Abraham relapses into an old lie, telling Abimelech that Sarah is his sister, causing terrible problems for both Abraham’s family and the Philistine nation. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 17:1-27 – The Futures Contract

God appears to Abraham and reveals more about His promises and a new responsibility Abraham and his sons will have. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 16:1-16 – The Sequel Was Terrible!

Abraham and Sarah try a disastrous plan to get themselves a baby, leading to strife, disappointment and scandal. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 15:1-21 – A Star On God’s Walk Of Faith

Abraham’s conversation with God about the course of his life leads to one of the great covenants of the Bible. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 14:17-24 – The Mysterious Melchizedek Society

Abraham returns from his rescue of Lot and encounters two kings: Bera of Sodom and Melchizedek of Salem, to whom Abraham gives a tithe of all. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 14:1-16 – Brothers In Arms

Lot is swept away in Chedorlaomer’s military campaign so Abraham, along with three Amorite brothers, go on a rescue mission. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 13:1-18 – Home Is Where The Lord Is

Abraham and Lot have to decide what’s next in life and where they will live. Each has a different mindset, leading to very different outcomes. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 12:10-20 – Movin’ On Down

Abraham moves down to Egypt in an attempt to escape a famine but ends up causing much more trouble for himself and his family. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 11:27-12:9 – Father Abraham Hadn’t Any Sons

We begin the story of Abraham, the friend of God, the father of the faith, who had a bit of a rough start in his walk with the Lord. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 11:1-26 – The Awful Tower

The people of Babylon join in unified rebellion against God to build a city in an effort to make an immortal name for themselves. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 10:1-32 – 70 Kids And Counting

In the Table of Nations we learn about the descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japheth and how they spread out to fill the earth. Along the way, we meet a shady character named Nimrod. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 9:18-29 – It Was The Worst Of Vines

Noah plants a vineyard and becomes drunk, being seen by his son, Ham and leading to a great rift in their family and a long-lasting prophecy. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 9:1-17 – Rainbow: Cursed Blood

The flood survivors leave the ark and God explains to them the features and responsibilities that await them in their new world, including the eating of meat and their obligation to enforce capital punishment. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 8:1-22 – Wait Till Your Father Gets You Home

The flood is over, but Noah spends week after week waiting for the Lord to speak and tell him to leave the ark. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 7:1-24 – Working For The Week’s End

The flood finally comes after one last week of warning. Along the way, Noah works urgently and continually to obey the Lord and save lives. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 6:13-22 – Very Important Persons

God gives Noah a very important job – making an ark that will keep him and his family safe, along with all kinds of animals during the flood. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 6:1-12 – The Big Unfriendly Giants

In the days of Noah, the sons of God and the daughters of men produce the Nephilim, an evil race of demigod-like creatures, in an effort to stop the promises of God from being fulfilled. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 4:17-25 – The Not-So-Great Society

The societies that come from the line of Cain are contrasted with the one that comes from the line of Seth. The difference is that one is full of believers, the other is not. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 4:1-16 – How To Get Away From Murder

Cain and Abel bring an offering to the Lord, showing the condition of their hearts, and Cain decides to murder his brother. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 3:1-24 – It’s Only Natural

Adam and Eve give in to temptation and sin by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Along the way, we learn some things about human nature, the Devil’s nature, and God’s nature. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 2:4-25 – The Garden State

God brings man and woman together in the Garden of Eden and along the way shows how lavish and generous He is in His many gifts toward humanity. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 1:26-2:4 – Special Agents In Charge

In His final act of creation during the first week, God makes something special – human beings – who would administrate the world as His representatives. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Genesis 1:1-2 – This Would Be The Start Of Something Big

God begins His special revelation by showing us where everything in our universe came from and how He feels about it. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 28:17-31 – These Are The Days

In the final scene of Acts, Paul teaches a sermon to a group of assembled Jews about salvation, the coming of the Messiah and the establishment of His Kingdom. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 28:11-16 – A Life In Our Days

Luke ends the incredible saga of Acts with some very routine, regular accounts of Paul’s time in Rome. How does that encourage those of us who are continuing the story of God’s work through His church? (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 28:1-10 – Snake In The Rain

God sends Paul and his friends to Malta, where Paul is bit by a snake. Should we become snake handlers? How do we live as servants in the will of God? (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 27:13-44 – By The Time I Get To Phoenix I’ll Be Shipwrecked

Brought along on a doomed crossing, Paul and his friends prove to be the most useful passengers on the ship. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 27:1-12 – Time’s A-Wastin’

From the human perspective, Paul’s sea voyage to Rome seems like a huge waste of time. In reality, it is full of great spiritual benefit and opportunity. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 26:1-32 – That’s Crazy Talk

Paul shares his testimony, the Gospel of grace and the resurrection, prompting Festus to accuse him of being crazy. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 25:13-27 – Inquiring Minds Want To Know

We get an insider look into the talk and mindset of Festus and Herod Agrippa, two lost sinners who God was going to send Paul to evangelize. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 25:1-12 – Welcome To Favor Country

The chief priests want a favor, Festus wants to give it. Meanwhile, Paul gets to enjoy the much better favor of God. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 24:22-27 – The Waiting Game

Felix and Drusilla have a private audience with Paul, but instead of turning to God for salvation decide to put off their decision and wait. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 23:12-35 – Promises Made, Promises Kept

After Jesus makes a great promise to Paul, God works out amazing providence to protect him and deliver him toward the goal of preaching in Rome. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 23:1-11 – 71 Angry Men

Paul finally stands before the Sanhedrin, but those in attendance have no interest in listening to his message of salvation. Instead, their anger against him and each other boils over. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)

Acts 22:22-30 – Whipbacklash

Commander Lysias decides to have Paul scourged, but his plan backfires, showing us a picture of the Christian’s spiritual reality and the unbeliever’s unsuspected emergency. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 21:17-30 – With Friends Like These…

Paul arrives in Jerusalem and is subjected to a legalistic plan to win the approval of Law-loving believers. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 21:2-16 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

As Paul moves closer to Jerusalem at the urging of the Holy Spirit, the Christians around him break his heart by trying to convince him to prioritize his own safety and security. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 20:16-21:1 – Call Of Duty

Paul has a meeting with the elders of the church at Ephesus, testifying that he had carried out his duty and charging them to carry out theirs. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 20:2-15 – Lessons Of The Fall

Paul and his friends make their way toward Jerusalem. Along the way, Eutychus falls out of a window and is restored to life. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 19:21-20:1 – Rage Against The Missionary

Just before Paul leaves town, a riot breaks out in Ephesus and he is restrained from going in to address the mob. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 19:11-20 – Not The Magic Kingdom

We tend to want to feel God’s power in our lives or in our cities. Are Christians supposed to “unlock” that power? How can we experience the amazing work of God in our lives? (Gene Pensiero Jr.)

Acts 19:1-10 – Be All That You Can Be

Being a Christian means understanding certain truths and experiencing the outpouring of God’s supernatural power. We see this reality at work in Paul’s ministry in Ephesus. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 18:1-17 – Living The Dream

Paul moves on to Corinth, which would become a major part of his story, but he enters the city alone, afraid and in deep discouragement. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 17:16-34 – Head For The Hill

Paul’s discussion on Mars Hill is one of the most memorable, but also one of the more relatable stories in the book of Acts. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 17:1-15 – Quiet Courage

The Christians, from city to city, demonstrate quiet courage in the face of uncertainty, persecution and do so while constantly appealing to God’s word. (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Ephesians 2:19-22 – The Church IS A Building

In the early days of COVID19 forcing an end to in-person church gatherings, there was a rush to declare, “The church is not a building.” But the church IS a building. Not a stick-and-plaster one. A supernatural one. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)

Acts 16:25-40 – I Don’t Go Walkin’ After Midnight

Paul and Silas stay right where they are, 3 times, in this unusual miraculous jailbreak, leading to significant collateral deliverance. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 16:16-24 – Opportunity Comes Flogging

Paul and company encounter a demon possessed girl and continue their gracious, Christ-centered ministry in Philippi. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 16:6-15 – Four Tickets To Philippi

In this lesson on providence and prevenient grace, God forbids Paul from preaching in the north or south, but presses him west toward Greece and adds a 4th member to the team. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 15:36-41 – Split Decision

Paul and Barnabas clash over bringing John Mark on their second missionary journey, leading to the breakup of their partnership (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 15:22-35 – It’s Between The Brothers

The Jerusalem church sends a posse to help the hurting family of Christians in Gentile Syria, resolving once and for all that salvation is by grace, through faith (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 15:1-21 – Law Don’t Go ‘Round Here

The church has its first council in Jerusalem to decide the issue over whether Gentiles must obey the Mosaic law in order to truly be Christians or even be saved. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 14:21-28 – Returning To The Scene

Instead of taking the short trip home, Paul turns around and goes back to revisit the places where he had been attacked and persecuted, but where young churches needed strengthening. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 14:1-20 – Injustice, Gods Among Us?

Paul and Barnabas find themselves in the midst of crowds, mobs, turmoil and sometimes violent unrest, but maintain their grace and preaching of the Gospel. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 13:44-52 – Saturday’s Alright For Fighting

Paul and Barnabas are met with opposition from members of the synagogue in Pisidian Antioch in a passage that teaches us about envy, election and how to fight the good fight for the Gospel. (Gene Pensiero Jr.)

Acts 12:20-25 – The King’s Speech

Herod Agrippa gives a speech and the people praise him as a god, causing an angel to strike down the impostor king, who serves as a type of Antichrist. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 12:1-19 – Stranger Than Fiction

A series of shocking events hit the church, with a new wave of persecution breaking out, threatening both the apostles and the rest of the believers. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 11:19-30 – All Roads Lead To Antioch

The Gospel spreads to the city of Antioch and a new church is planted, as many people stream from all over the empire to become a part of this new work of God. (Gene Pensiero Jr.)

Acts 11:1-18 – Across The Great Divide

Peter returns to Jerusalem to face an impromptu court martial for crossing the great divide between Jews and Gentiles, giving us a lesson on handling division in the church. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 10:24-48 – God’s Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

God’s mission is to send His people out, filled with the Spirit, bringing the Gospel to others near and far who need to hear about salvation in Jesus Christ. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 10:9-23 – The Pigs Are All Right

God works in the life of Peter to bring him out of legalism and into a greater experience of grace while also building a bridge to the Gentile world. (Gene Pensiero Jr)

Acts 9:32-43 – Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up In Your Christ

Peter goes ministering and teaches us about the power of God to get us up and going as Christians. (Gene Pensiero Jr.)

Acts 9:19-31 – Hit The Ground Running For Your Life

Saul begins his walk with Christ but immediately hits the ground running by serving the Lord and preaching the Gospel. (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 9:1-19 – For He’s A Jolly Good Follow

Ananias, an ordinary disciple, shows us how to faithfully follow God and be used to change the world for all eternity. (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 8:26-40 – Standard Ops

The awesome, personal power of God’s word is on full display as Philip is sent on a mission by God to save the Ethiopian Eunuch. (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 8:5-25 – Mega Man

Philip heads into a Samaritan city to preach the Gospel and encounters a man named Simon who wants everyone to know how great he is. (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 7:54-8:4 – There’s Good News And Bad News

Stephen’s death kicks off a new era of Church history and the launching of the Good News into the lands outside of Jerusalem. (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 7:1-53 – The Stories We Tell

Stephen retells some of Israel’s most famous stories, revealing to the Sanhedrin that they were part of the long history of resistance against God’s work and chosen deliverers (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 6:8-15 – The Crown

Stephen, one of the most remarkable Christians in the books of Acts, is suddenly hurtled toward martyrdom, despite his incredible potential and God’s great grace in his life. (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 6:1-7 – Simon, We Have A Problem

A big conflict threatens to split the church and the Apostles response is: This isn’t our area. You handle it yourselves. (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 5:21-42 – Name Droppers

The Sanhedrin demands that the apostles stop teaching in the name of Jesus, but they respond with supernatural boldness and meekness (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 5:12-21 – Don’t Call Us, He’ll Call You

As God’s dramatic work continues to unfold, the apostles demonstrate the importance of being focused on your calling while flexible to the Holy Spirit (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 4:32-5:11 – Name Recognition

We are introduced to 3 new characters: Barnabas, Ananias and Sapphira. They have very similar beginnings, but very different endings and legacies. (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 4:23-31 -The Volunteer State

After being released from custody, Peter and John together with the church go to prayer and volunteer to serve the Lord, no matter the difficulties ahead (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 4:13-22 – The Original Amateur Hour

The Sanhedrin marvel at Peter and John, who are ‘amateurs’ in their minds, yet preach with power and authority (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 4:1-12 – I’m Not The One On Trial Here

Peter and John and brought to trial before the Sanhedrin, but the tables turn as Peter convicts them of crucifying the Lord Christ (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 3:11-26 – Guilty As Charged

Peter preaches a sermon in Solomon’s Colonnade declaring that Jesus is the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 3:1-10 – Compassion And A Rationale

Peter and John head to a prayer meeting and give us the first recorded outreach of the church age. What does it teach us about compassion and evangelism today? (Assistant Pastor Geno)

1 Chronicles 22-26 – The Selected Service

At the end of David’s life he establishes a huge administration for the preparation, establishment and maintenance of the Temple. How can this speak to us as servants in God’s house? (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 2:40-47 – Character Reference

The Church is established and takes on a communal form. Is this the blueprint for what every local church should be? (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 2:25-39 – Can I Get A Witness?

Peter gives testimony as an eyewitness to Christ’s resurrection and an expert witness concerning Old Testament prophecy (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 2:1-13 – It’s Not Greek To Me

The Day of Pentecost means the birth of the Church and the arrival of the Holy Spirit in a dynamic new way, showing the tender, personal love of God (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 1:9-26 – Wait Watchers Wields Results

The disciples watch the Lord ascend, wait for the Holy Spirit and turn to Scripture to solve the issue of replacing Judas with a new apostle (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Acts 1:1-8 – How Do We Get There From Here?

The book of Acts tells us where we came from and how we should move forward as Christ’s Body on the earth (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Psalm 37:32-40 – Plant A Tree For God’s Tomorrow

David closes his wisdom psalm with an encouragement for us to take care to watch our steps and to observe other Godly believers. (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Psalm 37:1-9 – Check Before You Burn

An elderly David delivers a wisdom Psalm, teaching us about Godliness, the future of God’s people vs the wicked and instructing us to give up worry and anger (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 12:1-13 – End Of The Lines

Daniel’s book closes with a final look at human history and Daniel asks a single question, but doesn’t get the answer he’s hoping for (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 11:29-45 – The Worser Of Two Evils

Daniel’s vision continues, showing the acts of Antiochus Epiphanes as well as foretelling the coming Antichrist (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 11:2-28 – The Happenings

An angel gives Daniel an incredibly detailed and complex vision, accurately foretelling hundreds of years of human history (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 10:1-11:1 – Archangels: Divinity War

At the end of his life, Daniel receives one more dramatic vision, first of the Glorious Man then of great future events (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 9:20-27 – Seven Years A Week

Daniel receives the Seventy Weeks prophecy from Gabriel, outlining the flow of prophetic history in groups of sevens (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 9:1-19 – The Lord’s Pray-er

Daniel is studying prophecy, then realizes the captivity is close to finished, which leads him to pray one of the great prayers of the Bible (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 8:1-27 – The Horn Identity

Daniel sees a new vision of the kingdom of Greece and the “little horn” that would arise after Alexander The Great – the terrible tyrant Antiochus Epiphanes (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 7:15-28 – What A Difference A Dream Makes

Being deeply troubled, Daniel seeks interpretation for the dream he’s had of the flow of human history (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 7:1-8 – Beasts Of Those Nations

Daniel sees a prophetic vision of 4 terrible beasts which symbolize the flow of the world empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 5:13-31 – Weight Watcher

God tells Belshazzar that He has been watching his life, that he has been weighed in the balance and found wanting (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 3:1-12 – Do Or Die

Nebuchadnezzar sets up a blasphemous image and demands worship. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego refuse, and willingly accept the deadly consequences. (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 2:14-23 – The First Prayer Of The Rest Of Your Life

Daniel receives the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream after a prayer meeting, then responds with a hymn of praise (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 2:1-13 – Ultimatum For A Dream

Nebuchadnezzar has a dream that disturbs him so much he issues a life-or-death ultimatum to his wise men (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Daniel 1:1-7 – Back To School

Daniel is brought to Babylon and offered all the success in the world. But, what was it that made him truly great? (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Psalm 62:1-4 – You’ve Got Your Head In The Savior

David writes a song about refuge and security while under incessant attack from his enemies. Is his head in the sand? (Assistant Pastor Geno)

1 Chronicles 16 and 25 – Who Was Jeduthun?

Three of the 150 Psalms are dedicated to the same individual: Jeduthun. Who was this man and what might we learn from his example? (Assistant Pastor Geno)

Fantastic Feasts – Tabernacles

At Tabernacles, Jews were to reenact the wilderness living of their ancestors by building and living in temporary structures (Pastor Gene Pensiero)

Genesis 6:1-4 – Return Of The Nephilim

We have the truth about these subjects. We need to be ready to give nonbelievers a real, biblical answer – not ridicule them for asking about it (Pastor Gene Pensiero)

Genesis 6:4 & Matthew 24:38 – Tall Tales

We hear, “eating and drinking,” and think of dinner out at a restaurant. Those same words to a Jew meant flesh-eating, blood-drinking Nephilim. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)

Matthew 24:36 – The Mark Of The Feast

The Second Coming is at the end of the seven-year Tribulation. Since men on the earth can know exactly when the Tribulation starts, and it’s precise midpoint, how is it no man knows the exact day or hour? (Pastor Gene Pensiero)

Genesis 6:1-5 – Noah Time Like The Present

Jesus said the time before His return would be like the days of Noah. What does that mean and how does it line up with the world around us? (Pastor Gene Pensiero)

1 Corinthians 11:23-25 – It’s Elemental

In the midst of his rebuke for their selfish behavior during the weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper, Paul gets back to the basic elements, and order, of communion (Pastor Gene Pensiero)

2 Corinthians 12:14-15 – Unappreciation Days

Paul was un or under appreciated but he was not depressed, nor deceived, nor defeated. He said, “I will very gladly spend and be spent for your souls.” (Pastor Gene Pensiero)

Pray It Again, Saul (Philippians 1:9-11)

Our love for the Lord can go gray, in a sense. We don’t divorce Him, but we can leave our first love for Him, and for His children (Pastor Gene Pensiero)

Pray It Again, Saul (Philippians 1:3-6)

The apostle Paul inserted “Thank You Notes” in his letters. With the exception of Galatians and Second Corinthians, all of his letters begin with a mention of his thanksgiving. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)

Supper Of Shame (1 Corinthians 11:20-22)

The apostle Paul suggested that the Corinthians exercise portion control when they gathered for the communal meal that preceded the Lord’s Supper (Pastor Gene Pensiero)